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Ride a bike to live a healthier life and cut down on air pollution and traffic jams.

Biking is emissions-free and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your daily life.


Riding a bike can help you:

  • Reduce air pollution from gas-powered vehicles

  • Improve your health with exercise and fresh air

  • Avoid traffic jams and stress

  • Save money on gas and parking

  • Ride faster than driving on short trips



Follow these easy steps to ride a bike:

1. Research biking routes from your home

2. Get a bike that fits you and is easy to ride

3. Learn and practice bike safety

4. Wear a helmet

5. Get a good bike lock

6. Use lights and reflectors

7. Bike as often as you can


Read more about riding a bike.


Friends of Alto Tunnel is a volunteer-led community group working to reopen Alto Tunnel between Mill Valley and Corte Madera, to provide people of all ages and abilities the freedom to choose a safe, car-free way to walk and bike between northern and southern Marin.

Here are some local resources that can help you ride a bike in Marin and the Bay Area.

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition promotes safe bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation. It aims to give cyclists a voice, educate the next generation, and build the cycling community. Check out their handy Marin County Bicycle Map and basic street skills guide.

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to Schools promotes walking and biking to school, using education and incentives to show how much fun it can be. Their Marin programs are designed to decrease traffic and pollution and increase the health of children and the community. Today, over 800 affiliates from all across the U.S have partnered to grow the Safe Routes to School movement nationwide.

Trips for Kids

Trips for Kids Marin’s mission is to provide transformative cycling experiences for underserved youth. Founded in 1988 by Marilyn Price, Trip for Kids introduced over 38,000 Bay Area youth to the joys of mountain biking at local, state and national park trails. In 1999, this Marin program spawned a national Trips for Kids organization, which now has 40 chapters in the US and Canada.

Walk Bike Marin

Walk Bike Marin is an initiative by the County of Marin to help make Marin more healthy, livable, and environmentally sustainable by encouraging walking and bicycling as everyday transportation.

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