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Did you know that switching to LEDs can reduce your electricity use from lights by up to 90%? It’s one of the simplest ways to lower your electric bills AND fight climate change!  

This year, Green Change invites you to take a small action that can make a positive financial and environmental difference for your business: upgrade your lights with LEDs! With the option of interest-free financing, most businesses can cut more than 50% of their lighting energy costs with no cash outlay. 

To make it easy for business owners and managers, we are offering you big discounts on top-rated LEDs

Would like to save money and energy for your business?

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We have partnered with the
LED Partnership for this project. The LED Partnership offers a wide range of high-quality LEDs that cover most business needs, with exceptional discounts. They have facilitated  LED upgrades for businesses and institutions of all kinds, including American Red Cross offices around the United States, hotels, restaurants and retail businesses.


Switching your business to LEDs can help you:

1. Save money on your lights

2. Reduce your electric bill with no cash outlay

3. Lower your carbon emissions


Thanks to our Group Discounts team!

Green Change Team: Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, Lily Cohen, Fabrice Florin

LED Partnership Team: Sid Pelston and team

Photos: Magnetic Mcc, Shutterstock

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