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Would you like to power your life with clean energy? Watch the video of our Clean Energy Meetup 2, hosted by Green Change over Zoom on Monday, April 19th at 6pm PT.

Check the resources below for tips on how to use clean energy in your daily life: you will learn how to switch to renewable electricity, electrify your home and ride electric vehicles.

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Meet our Speakers

Brian Stewart, Electrify Now

Brian was our keynote speaker for this meetup. He’s the founder of Electrify Now, a volunteer group that educates people about the advantages of electrification. Previously, he was VP of Sustainable Innovation at Nike, before devoting his time to fight climate change. He told us why we need to electrify everything, with practical tips on how to clean up your energy supply, electrify your home, electrify your ride — and electrify everyone.
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit his site. Email him.

Sebastian Conn, Marin Clean Energy

Sebastian is community development manager at MCE, which provides renewable electricity in Marin, Napa, Solano and Contra Costa counties. He spoke about how you can power your home with clean energy from wind and solar, for the price of a cup of coffee each month. 
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit their site. Email him.

Pete Shoemaker, NorCal Solar

Pete is a retired solar instructor at the PG&E Pacifc Energy Center. He is President of NorCal Solar, a solar advocacy and education group in Northen California since 1975. He spoke on how to install solar panels and home batteries to power your home with clean energy.
Watch his video. View his slides. Visit their site.
Take action: Take a class at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center.

Mark Chhabria, County of Marin Sustainability Team

Mark is program coordinator in Marin County’s Sustainability Team. He manages energy programs for residents and businesses, such as Electrify Marin and the Marin Green Business Network. He told us how to switch from natural gas to electric appliances — and about the rebates they offer.
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit their site. Email him.

Annika Osborn, Drive Clean Bay Area

Annika is community outreach and program director for Drive Clean Bay Area, a project of Cool the Earth. She told us how driving electric cars can greatly reduce your carbon emissions, and told us about the wide range of EVs on the market, and how they pay for themselves in just a few years.
Watch her video. View her slides. Visit their site. Email her.

Karen Wiener, The New Wheel

Karen is co-owner of The New Wheel, an e-bike store that specializes in the sales and service of electric bikes in the Bay Area. She talked about why e-bikes are such an energy-efficient alternative to cars, and how riding an electric bike can save energy and money, as well as bring joy to your life.
Watch her video. View her slides. Visit their site. Email her.

Jim Benya, Benya Burnett Consultancy

Jim is a lighting expert at Benya Burnett Consultancy. He spoke about how you can light up your home with affordable, energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights. We also discussed how you can save money on LEDs with big discounts from EFI and Green Change.
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit their site. Email him.

Thanks to our Sponsors

Our Clean Energy Meetup 2 was made possible by these fine partners and sponsors. Visit their sites and join their activities:

County of Marin’s Sustainability Team Drive Clean Bay Area  Energy Federation Inc. (EFI) Electrify NowEnvironmental Forum of MarinGood Earth MCE The New Wheel NorCal Solar Organize for Action (OFA) Marin Resilient Neighborhoods  Sustainable Mill Valley

Thanks to our Team

This community event was hosted by director Fabrice Florin, with the gracious support of our world class Green Change Team: Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, Marilyn Price, Lily Cohen, Dolores Heeb, Bridget Mazzini, Kevin Morrison, Sarah Turner and other community members.  

Thanks to all of them for organizing this Clean Energy campaign, which includes both this meetup, as well as the creation of guides, green tips, videos and our website. We are grateful to this wonderful team for all they do for our community. We couldn’t do this work without them!