Project Description

Jan 13th, 2020

We kicked off the new year with an introduction to climate action, featuring informative talks on simple actions we can take to fight climate change in our own lives. 

Six climate action leaders spoke at the event and shared practical tips on how to reduce our carbon footprint with clean energy and transportation, greener homes, and sustainable food. They invited us to start with these first actions: take a class, join a group, take an online challenge, schedule a house call, and/or find a green coach. Our lively group discussion covered a wide range of climate action topics, connecting novices and experts to help each other go green as a community. 

Here are a few highlights from our meetup, which we invite you to share with your community.

Meet Our Speakers

David Kunhardt, Climate Reality

David Kunhardt’s slides

Leslie Alden, Drawdown Marin

Leslie Alden’s slides

Anne-Christine Strugnell, Resilient Neighborhoods

Anne-Christine Strugnell’s slides

Lisa Altieri, Climate Solutions Net / Marin Climate Challenge

Lisa Altieri’s slides

Keari Platt, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity

Keari Platt’s slides

Al Grumet, Green Change / Green Coaches

Al Grumet’s slides