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Did you know that the poor and vulnerable are the first to suffer and the worst hit by climate change? How can we right this wrong?

Learn more by watching our Climate Justice Meetup, a Zoom event hosted by Green Change on Monday, September 27, 2021. More details below.

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Meet our Speakers

Alma Soongi Beck (she/they) – Climate Reality Bay Area

Alma is a Korean American lawyer, surfer, and dancer seeking to inspire others to take action to end the climate crisis and reverse global warming. A long-time organizer in queer/trans and BIPOC circles, Alma co-founded a climate justice action group, now called the Ecological Justice League, at API Equality of Northern California and a monthly BIPOC climate solutions discussion group and listening circle. Alma is also Climate Justice Co-Chair of the Climate Reality Project Bay Area.
Watch the video of Alma’s talk. Visit their site. Email them.
Recommended Actions: 1) Stop the Line 3 Pipeline2) Take Action with Dancing 4 Climate Justice 3. Join the San Francisco Bay Shoreline Contamination Cleanup.

Hannah Estrada (she/her) – Youth vs. Apocalypse

Hannah began organizing at age 15 for Girls Inc in Oakland. Now a freshman in college, she is a member of the Lead Circle of Youth vs Apocalypse as Education and Organizing Coordinator.  She writes articles and media statements, speaks at board meetings, creates group structure, and builds skills in younger activists.  Hannah’s special interest is in the intersection of race and class.
Watch the video of Hannah’s talkEmail her. Go to her site.
Recommended Actions: 1) Sign the petition asking Gov. Newsom to protect our health and future 2) Read about Bayview Hunters Point Radioactive Waste 3) Pay the Shuumi Land Tax 4) More actions you can take now.

Edward Quevedo (he/him) – The Foresight Lab

Ed is the Director of Regenerative Design and global head of practice at the Foresight Lab, a creative culture transformation and diplomacy agency and civil rights law practice based in San Francisco. The Lab works with all sectors of civil society to transform the global material economy from one that is extractive, destructive, and colonial, to one that is just, verdant, and inclusive. Ed is a diplomat, educator, and father with degrees from UCLA and Berkeley.
Watch the video of Ed’s talk. Email him. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
Recommended Actions: 1) Launch a cooperative in your hometown 2) Run for office in your hometown, 3) Hold corporations to account.

Thanks to our Team

Many thanks to Green Change team leads Kevin Morrison and Sarah Turner for organizing and hosting this Climate Justice Meetup, along with director Fabrice Florin!

We’re also grateful to our Green Change team for supporting this event and related activities: Lily Cohen, Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, Bridget Mazzini, Marilyn Price, Anne-Christine Strugnell, and other community members. If you have any questions or comments for the team, please email us.

And special thanks to our gracious panelists Alma Soongi Beck, Hannah Estrada, and Edward Quevedo for inspiring us to take action for climate justice.

Thanks to our Partners

We want to thank all our partners featured below for making our work possible. We are grateful for your generous support and look forward to more collaborations in the coming year.