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Did you know that eating meat and dairy is a major cause of climate change?

Animal farming contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined. More than all the cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships worldwide.

Switch to a plant-rich diet, and help fight climate change! 


Cutting back on meat and dairy can help you:

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change

  • Promote clean air and free up valuable freshwater

  • Reduce factory farming and animal cruelty

  • Increase your health and vitality

  • Enjoy delicious meals that help heal our planet



Follow these easy steps to cut back on meat and dairy:

  • Learn how your diet impacts the planet

  • Set a goal to eat less meat and dairy

  • Research and plan healthy, plant-based meals

  • Engage family and friends, share recipes online

  • Shrug off setbacks and celebrate successes


Check out these helpful resources for a plant-rich diet.


Here are some local resources to switch to a plant-based diet in the Bay Area and beyond.


Agricultural Institute of Marin
AIM provides healthy, locally-grown food through eight farmer’s markets across the Bay Area.

Good Earth
Good Earth offers the largest selection of fresh, organic, and natural foods in Marin County. Visit their stores in Fairfax and Mill Valley, or shop online.

Green Change Recipes
Enjoy these vegetarian recipes contributed by Green Change team members and our friends.

Marin Agricultural Land Trust
Protect farms. Protect food. Protect the environment. Find out where to buy local food from farmers in Marin.

Marin Vegetarians
The Marin Vegetarian Education Group promotes plant-based eating and connects people and resources in Marin.

Bay Area

Explore plant-based eating
Search Bay Area Vegetarians for local restaurants

Rethink that pepperoni pizza
Planted Table delivers plant-based meals in the greater Bay Area

Can you suggest more local resources to switch to a plant-based diet in the Bay Area? Email us.

This listing focuses on Marin and the Bay Area at this time.


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