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September 28, 2020

How can we take political action in this critical election? Our 6 amazing speakers discuss how to plan your vote, help other people vote, support green leaders and local activists.

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Meet Our Speakers

 Sarah Turner, Mill Valley Seniors for Peace

Sarah spoke about how to plan your vote, check if you’re registered to vote, request a mail-in ballot, vote early and use ballot drop boxes, then track your vote and spread the word.
Watch the video of her talk. View her slides. Visit her site. Email her.

Linda Herman, Swing Left Marin / Sister District Marin

Linda spoke about how to help people vote, join phone and text banks and support voter outreach groups. She showed us how to find events online and how to call a voter
Watch the video of her talk. Visit her site. Email her.

Emma McDevitt, Give Green / NextGen America

Emma spoke about how to support green leaders running in this election. She told us about GiveGreen, their helpful online tool that lets you donate to candidates nationwide, all in one place.
Watch her video. View her slides. Visit her site. Email her.

Chance Cutrano, Sierra Club Marin / Chance for Fairfax

Community organizer Chance Cutrano spoke about why he’s running for Fairfax Town Council, to help address challenges like climate change, emergency preparedness and economic wellbeing.
Watch the video of his talk. Visit his site and donate! Email him.

Alexis Fineman, San Anselmo Town Council / Alexis for San Anselmo

Alexis spoke about why she’s running for another term on the San Anselmo Town Council, and how you too can participate in local politics: show up, speak up, step up and serve your community!
Watch the video of her talk. Visit her site and donate! Email her.

Aniya Butler, Youth vs. Apocalypse

Young climate activist Aniya Butler told us why her generation needs us to vote to protect them. She read “This is the Time”, her inspiring poem asking for immediate action to solve our climate crisis.
Watch her video. Read her poem. Visit her site and donate! Email her.

Thanks to our Team

Special thanks to Fabrice Florin, Kevin Morrison and Sarah Turner for co-hosting this Green Change event. Kudos to Kevin and Fabrice for producing all our event videos! 

Thanks as well to all the Green Change team members who supported us: Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, Dolores Heeb, Bridget Mazzini and Marilyn Price. And we’re grateful to Good Earth Natural Foods for sponsoring our community engagement.