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Did you know that e-bikes are the fastest-growing category in the bicycle industry?

With the assistance of an integrated motor, e-bikes can make your commute fun and sustainable, and add a new dimension to your leisure time.


Getting an electric bike can help you:

  • Increase your range and speed

  • Use less effort to get you farther

  • Reduce air pollution by driving less

  • Get around without working up a sweat

  • Breeze through traffic jams



Follow these easy steps to get an electric bike:

1. Learn about electric bikes

2. Research models that fit your needs

3. Take a test ride

4. Evaluate your options

5. Buy your electric bike


Read about electric bikes.


Here are some local resources to help you learn about electric bikes in our area.

The New Wheel

The New Wheel aims to change how we get around. They offer state-of-the-art electric bike shops in San Francisco and Marin County, with a careful selection of technology, top-notch service, and an unwavering optimism for the future of transportation and electric bikes in the Bay Area.


Pedego Electric Bikes are fun, easy to ride, and sold nationwide. Their Tiburon store only sells their company’s ebikes and offers a good selection for different uses.

Local Listings

For more local resources, visit these listings:


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