Project Description

Get a portable induction cooktop

By Al Grumet, Green Change

It is easier than you think to start phasing out your gas cooktop and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, a portable, plug-in induction burner can help you improve your indoor air quality and your cooking experience! 

I love how quickly it brings water to a boil. Professional chefs love the precise temperature control. We all love better air quality and climate-friendly energy use! 

For less than $60, we got a Duxtop 9100MC, which meets nearly all of our stovetop cooking needs. We already owned some pans with magnetic bottoms, which made the transition to induction cooking seamless.

To learn more, check this guide from Green Home Advisor, our Electrify Your Home guide — or watch this video on induction cooking from our partners at Electrify Now.

Photo by: Al Grumet.

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