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Get an electric heat pump water heater

By Fabrice Florin, Green Change

Did you know that you can heat your water without heating up the planet? 

Simply replace your natural gas heater with an electric heat pump water heater and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, which increase global warming.

A couple of years ago, we installed a 50-gallon A.O. Smith water heater tank, which has greatly reduced our water heating costs, thanks to its energy-efficient heat pump.

We also received a rebate from the County of Marin, reducing our installation cost by 20%. And we love that it is entirely powered by wind and solar since we use 100% renewable electricity from MCE

Learn more in our Electrify Your Home guide, in this NRDC guide, and in this video from Electrify Now.

Marin residents: you can get electric appliance rebates from the county on their ‘Electrify Now’ page

Join us and swap out your natural gas appliances to electrify your home!

Photo by Phyllis Florin

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