Project Description

Green Coaches is a free program that matches volunteer coaches with individuals who would like to learn about sustainable living and take action to address climate change. 


Get the support you need to get things done:

  • Step 1: We connect you with a Green Coach. Think of it as free access to a climate action “help desk”! 

  • Step 2: Together, you identify a green task and your Green Coach helps you accomplish it

  • Step 3: If you want to do more, your Green Coach will help you create a plan

  • Step 4: Your Green Coach will recommend sustainability programs, Green Tips, local events, educational resources, and opportunities for activism



Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you view climate change as a crisis that requires immediate action?

2. Do you want to start taking action to address your carbon footprint?

3. Do you need help preparing for an adverse affect of climate change?

4. Do you want to use your political voice to address climate change and influence others to take action?

If so, a Green Coach can help you get started!


By signing up for a Green Coach, you will:

  • Meet a community volunteer who has experience with the actions you wish to take

  • Set your own pace or follow your coach’s lead

  • Participate in an experimental program aimed at helping you take action

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