Project Description

Would you like to live more sustainably? Watch the video of our Living Lightly Meetup, hosted by Green Change over Zoom on Monday, February 22 at 6pm PT.

Take a moment to check the resources below. Learn how to live lightly on the earth by taking simple actions like: eat sustainably, consume less, shop wisely, use less plastic, reduce your waste and take a climate action class.

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Meet our Speakers

Anne-Marie Bonneau, Zero-Waste Chef

Anne-Marie was our keynote speaker for this meetup. She’s a popular cookbook writer, who has lived plastic-free for over a decade. She shared her tips for a sustainable kitchen and planet, told us about making sourdough bread, fermentation, freestyle cooking, how to shop sustainably and how to break up with plastic. 
Watch the video of her talk. View her slides. Visit her site. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.
Take action: We invite you to pre-order Anne-Marie’s new book, which comes out in April!

Andrew Shelton, Zero Waste Marin

Andrew is Waste Prevention Specialist at Zero Waste Marin and the County of Marin. He spoke about the 5 R’s of conservation: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot (compost) and Recycle, in that order. He then shared practical tips on how to waste less and do the proper thing with what is left. 
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit their site. Email him: 
Take action: Read Zero Waste Marin’s Re-home guide on how to find new homes for unwanted stuff.

Eva Holman, Upstream

Eva is Policy Organizer for Upstream, a national nonprofit organization working on reusable solutions for single-use problems. She told us how to reduce our own waste with reusable foodware, and invited us to ask businesses and governments to adopt reuse policies that reduce waste in our society.
Watch her video. View her slides. Visit their site. Email her:
Take action: Get reusable jars from the Goods Holding Company for your own plastic-free shopping.

Anne-Christine Strugnell, Resilient Neighborhoods

Anne-Christine leads the Ambassador team at Resilient Neighborhoods, a nonprofit organization in Marin that teaches free workshops to help people live to live more sustainably. She told us how to reduce your carbon footprint with simple actions like trimming energy and waste, consuming less and making smart transportation choices.
Watch her video. View her slides. Visit their site.
Take action: Sign up for a free online workshop from Resilient Neighborhoods. 

Thanks to our Sponsors

Our Living Lightly Meetup was made possible by these fine partners and sponsors. 

Visit their sites and join their activities:

Environmental Forum of MarinGood EarthGreen NovatoMill Valley Seniors for PeaceOFA MarinResilient NeighborhoodsSustainable Mill ValleySustainable Novato350 MarinUpstreamZero-Waste ChefZero Waste Marin

Thanks to our Team

Special thanks to Fabrice Florin, Marilyn Price, Bridget Mazzini and Al Grumet for organizing this Living Lightly campaign

Thanks as well to all the Green Change team members who supported us: Lily Cohen, Belle Cole, Tom Flynn, Dolores Heeb and Kevin Morrison.

We couldn’t have done it without all your gracious contributions!