Project Description

July 20, 2020

Learn  about the many ways that we can live more lightly on the earth, by taking actions like: consume less, use less plastic, ride an electric bike, grow your own food, and more.

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Meet Our Speakers

Renee Goddard, Mayor, Town of Fairfax 

Renee spoke about her long track record as a climate activist, inviting people to give up plastics, helping kids walk or bike to school — and riding an electric bike instead of a car. She encouraged us all to go carbon-free as well, slow down and enjoy the ride.

Marilyn Price, Green Change / Sustainable Mill Valley

Marilyn told us about her minimalist lifestyle, and how we can take actions in our own lives to fight climate change. As a starting point, she encouraged climate action novices to take a class with groups like Resilient Neighborhoods, and read a guide from the Green Change Action Guides

Marilyn told us about actions she has been taking for years, such as: save water, repair everything you can and buy used clothes. She invited us to take some of those actions as well, reminding us that if everyone lived like the average American, we would need 5 Earths to support our lifestyle (see Ecological Footprint Calculator). 


Jinesse Reynolds, Plastic Free Marin 

Jinesse told us how our throw-away culture has led to a proliferation of plastics in our food, air and drinking water. She encouraged us to apply the 5 R’s of conservation to plastics and told us about actions we can take to reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle better, and re-think our use of natural resources.

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