Project Description

Local Events

The Green Change team helps host local events with our partners in Marin and the Bay Area, to engage different communities to take climate action together.

We give presentations about going green, working in partnership with a local community or environmental group, library, school, church or workplace. Presentations can include climate action speeches by young activists or environmentalists — or short performances by local musicians of all ages. Learn about our previous events below.

Climate Challenge

This year, we are producing a Climate Challenge show, inviting people to take one of our top 10 climate actions, presented in a game show format to cheer the players, with fun bells and whistles in front of a large earth globe. After a 10 min. countdown show, people can sign up for the challenge and learn about simple climate actions like: use renewable energy, eat less meat, ride electric vehicles, fly less often, use less plastic, vote green, etc.

Youth Events

We also work on youth-led events like the worldwide Youth Climate Strike or this Town Hall for Climate Change (pictured above), which we helped prepare with youth activists at Generation Our Climate. We support young organizers as needed, with creative services such as multimedia presentations, audio-visual equipment, photos and/or videos — anything that helps them engage more people to take climate action.

Art Shows

Our team organizes art shows to raise awareness about climate change and social issues. Last year, we created the Art Float for Social Change, to engage more people to participate in democracy. It features a spinning earth, waving hands and an art carousel, pulled by a colorful dragon. Live performers on our podium invite you to sing along, vote and “be the change.”

The Art Float has inspired thousands of people to participate in community life, through its original display of art, music, and technology. This year, we presented it at Earth Day, the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade (where we won the ‘Best Community Spirit Award’), the Fairfax Parade and the Fourth of July Parade in Corte Madera (where we won First Prize for Adult Motorized Floats).

We are working with partners to bring the Art Float or other art shows to upcoming events in 2019.

Earth Day 2018

Our team co-produced Earth Day 2018 in Mill Valley last spring, hosting an afternoon of art, music and talks about protecting our environment, with hundreds of participants of all ages.

Our community celebration featured the Art Float for Social Change, young singers like Emma Spike and the Twinkling Stars, musician Reed Fromer, informative speakers like Mark Squire and Crystal Chissel, young activists from the Marin School of Environmental Leadership, and environmental partners like Drawdown Marin and Sustainable San Rafael, to name but a few.

People told us they really enjoyed this event, its creative energy, and the combination of entertainment, information and community. Survey responses show they liked the art, music and meeting people the most, and also liked the partner tables and speakers. The majority of participants thought the event helped build a community of activists, promoted environmental causes, welcomed young people as citizens and helped each of us take action.

We think this mix of art, information and personal connections seems really effective for stimulating personal and collective climate action. Kudos to partners Democracy Cafe, Eco Warriors of MVCAN, Good Earth, Tam Makers and Tamalpais High School for making this wonderful event possible!

Need help with your event?

Are you planning a local climate event with your community in Marin?

Do you need help to inspire your guests to take climate action?

We can connect you with speakers or performers and share event tips.

We can also help you host a Climate Challenge activity, if you like.

Please email us to discuss your event and how we can help.

Photos by Fabrice Florin, Ben Goode, Al Grumet, Lucy London, MCE and more.

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