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Make every drop of water count twice

By Bridget Mazzini, Green Change

Why let water run down the drain? Recycle water in your kitchen by using this simple water-saving step. 

Place your fruit or vegetables in a bowl that has an inch or two of water. Agitate or scrub as needed. Pour the used water into a pitcher and sprinkle it outside where you need it most. Vegetables fresh out of the garden may take two or three washes to clear the dirt, but every drop can go back to nourish your next harvest. Your parched yard won’t care if there is a little dirt in its drink! 

Another way to give kitchen water a second life is to save unseasoned (hold the salt) water used to cook pasta, eggs, potatoes, or vegetables. Let the water cool and then use it to water in-ground plants. 

Learn more about recycling water in The Gardening Cook.

Photo by Bridget Mazzini

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