Project Description

June 22, 2020

Learn about the many ways that we can help people vote, as well as donate, volunteer, and support nonprofits to promote social change in our area. 

Here are a few highlights from our meetup, which we invite you to share with your community.

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Meet Our Speakers

Susan Bolle, Democracy Action Marin

Susan told us about her phone and text banks, and how we can help voters elect responsible leaders in swing states.

Shannon Seigal, Environmental Voter Project

Shannon spoke about engaging more environmentalists to vote and take political action.

Paul Austin, Play Marin founder & CEO, talked about how they encourage diversity and inclusion through play. He also spoke about Black Lives Matter, the Marin City protest against racism he just organized — and how we can give black people a stronger voice in politics and promote social justice

Terrie Harris-Green, Shore Up Marin City director (and Paul’s mom), gave us an impromptu talk about the many challenges faced by the African-American community in Marin City: chronic flooding, sea-level rise and inequality, and how we can support sustainable solutions to these serious issues.

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