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Compare climate plans of U.S. Presidential candidates

One of the most important things you can do to fight climate change is to support green politicians who can lead that fight.

This online guide focuses on the climate plans of Democratic candidates for U.S. President in the 2020 election. Compare their plans and make an informed decision.

Support green politicians and help fight climate change!


Supporting green politicians can help:

  • Influence governments to take climate action

  • Pass laws to reduce climate change

  • Enforce environmental laws

  • Help businesses go green

  • Empower citizens to take climate action



Follow these easy steps to support green politicians:

1. Examine the climate plans of political candidates

2. Discuss their plans with your community

3. Select candidates with the best climate plans

4. Vote for those green candidates

5. Volunteer or donate to support them


Read media summaries that compare candidate plans.

Compare climate action plans of candidates running for President.

We plan to update this page periodically, as the 2020 election progresses.


Here are some local groups that can help you learn more about green politicians and climate advocacy.

Marin and North Bay

San Francisco Bay Area


This listing focuses on Marin and nearby counties at this time. More locations coming soon.


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