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Shop for sustainable clothes

By Fabrice Florin

When shopping for clothes, look for durable, eco-friendly, recycled and ethical products. Whether you are looking for pants, shirts or underwear, consider long-lasting products that use natural and recycled fibers and that are manufactured by companies that treat their workers fairly. 

To find sustainable clothing, look for products marked with labels like “Organic Fiber”, “Fair Trade” and/or “Recycled Materials”. With a bit of research, you can find sustainable clothing to fit your needs, whether you are shopping for men, women or children. For example, sustainable underwear brands include: Boodywear, Pact, Patagonia and WAMA

A good one-stop-shopping outlet to consider is REI Coop, because of their commitment to sustainability. Check out their site, which includes eco-friendly clothing lines like this one

Photo from Pact