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Track your water with a smart monitor

By Fabrice Florin, Green Change

Did you know that you can track your water use on your phone?

A smart home monitor is easy to install, inexpensive and provides real-time data on your water use. We just installed a Flume Water Monitor to help us save water, using an app on our smartphone. This smart device makes it easy to detect leaks and figure out which activities use the most water. 

Thanks to this smart water monitor, we now know that about two thirds of our water use is for irrigating our yard — which we plan to reduce by installing grey water and rainwater systems. And we also learned that our old clothes washer uses about 38 gallons of water per load — so we will make it a priority to replace it with a more efficient front-loading washer. Here’s the spreadsheet we created to reach these conclusions, using Flume data.  

It’s easy to install this flow meter yourself, no plumbing necessary. Just download the Flume app, connect to wifi, and fasten the sensor to your water meter. Learn more.

Many water utilities offer rebates for devices like this one. If you live in Marin, you can get a substantial rebate for the Flume and other water-saving devices from Marin Water.

Set up a smart home monitor and get the whole family involved in water savings!

Photo by Fabrice Florin 

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