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How can we help people vote to protect our lives and our environment?

In times of crisis, it is important that all voters have the tools they need to successfully participate in elections. And yet too many voters still face major obstacles to voting, especially our youth, workers, and people of color.

This guide suggests simple actions we can take to help people register and cast their votes: from joining phone and text banks to supporting voter outreach groups and vote-by-mail programs.


Helping people vote can:

  • Give citizens a voice

  • Engage voters to shape their future

  • Elect responsible leaders

  • Support sensible policies

  • Hold politicians accountable

  • Protect democracy

  • Build a just and sustainable world 



Here are some actions you can take help people vote:

  • Register people to vote

  • Join phone or text banks

  • Send letters or postcards

  • Support voter outreach groups

  • Promote vote-by-mail programs

  • Get out the vote before elections


Read about all the great ways you can help people vote.

Voter Guides

Non-Partisan Groups

Political Action Groups


Marin and North Bay


Marin County Elections


OFA Marin

Sierra Club Marin

Sunrise Marin

350 Marin

Can you suggest local resources that can help people vote in Marin and the North Bay? Email us.

East Bay

Alameda County Elections

Oakland Rising

Can you suggest local resources that can help people vote in the East Bay? Email us.

San Francisco

San Francisco Elections

League of Women Voters San Francisco

Can you suggest local resources that can help people vote in San Francisco? Email us.

South Bay

San Jose Public Library – Voter Resources

Santa Clara County Elections

Silicon Valley Courageous Resistance

Can you suggest local resources that can help people vote in the South Bay? Email us.

Bay Area

League of Women Voters Bay Area

Sierra Club Bay Area

Sunrise Bay Area

350 Bay Area

Can you suggest local resources that can help people vote in the Bay Area? Email us.


California Secretary of State

Voters Edge California

California Common Cause

Can you suggest more local resources that can help people vote all across California? Email us.

This listing focuses on Marin and the Bay Area at this time.



JuLY 20, 6pm – Zoom Meeting

How can we help each other live more sustainably and consume less?

Join our Living Lightly Meetup, a free Zoom call on Monday, July 20, from 6pm to 7pm PT

Learn how to protect our lives and environment by taking actions like: use less plastic, bike and walk more, eat less meat, manage your waste, etc.

These climate action leaders will speak about living lightly at this free event:

  • Renee Goddard, Mayor, Town of Fairfax

  • Marilyn Price, Green Change

  • Jinesse Reynolds, Plastic Free Marin

They will discuss practical ways to help us slow down to a more minimalist lifestyle, and give up our ‘throw-away’ culture.

This free community event is hosted by Green Change director Fabrice Florin and is sponsored by Good Earth.


We will email you the address of our Zoom call a few days before the event. To learn more, email us. We hope to see you then!

LEARN MORE: Read our Climate Action Guides for tips and resources to help you get involved.


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