Project Description

Buy bar soap

By Silke Valentine 

I’m concerned about our growing plastic pollution and have been looking for ways to cut back and produce less waste. I started by buying the biggest shampoo and body wash bottles possible, then I switched to the refill option. 

I then realized that using soap for hair and body is a great answer for me. It feels really good to buy locally produced soap if possible, of course, loose or wrapped in paper. And I make sure that the soap is not made of paraffin (fossil fuel) or palm oil. 

If you like, you could also try eco-friendly shampoo bars, which enhance your hair, cut down on plastic and product, and are often more affordable than liquid bottled shampoos.  

I hope that you too will start using some of these great soap and shampoo bar options, which save money, use less plastic and help save the earth. They make wonderful gifts too.

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