Climate Heroes is a series of videos about green coaches, young activists, environmentalists, business and community leaders, artists and inventors.
To inspire people to go green, we feature local heroes who are leading by example and helping others to take climate action.
People like climate action coach Tamra Peters at Resilient Neighborhoods, who helped over a thousand Marin residents reduce their carbon footprint. Watch our full story about Tamra below.
Our next climate heroes will be young climate activists Lucy London and Kelley Tillman, who are inspiring climate action through art, music and politics. They are pictured below in our video highlights of their Youth Climate Strike in Santa-Rosa on March 15, 2019.

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Climate Heroes aims to inspire people to take climate action.
Our videos will feature the new leaders of the green revolution and invite you to follow their lead and mage a green change in your life.

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Here are the first video stories we’re producing for this series:
We also produce other stories with our partners, such as this video of Youth Climate Strikes around the world, created by Evelyn Messinger at ThisPlanet. The second half of this story includes our footage from the North Bay strike in Santa-Rosa, featuring 8-year-old activist Nick Matteri, shown below. 

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Stories will be edited in different formats:
  • short 5-10 second teasers with music and titles
  • short 1 minute newsreels with music and titles (see example below)
  • short 2 minute stories with quick sound bites
  • long 3-5 minute profiles with how-to tips
Our long videos will end with:
  • a tagline reminding them that “This could be you”,
  • a specific call to action (e.g. “Go Deep Green” or “Use less plastic”)
  • a link to a page or site that can help them take that action.
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We will publish our video stories on the web and through social media, both on partner sites and on our own channels.
Our videos will be shared on these networks:
  • Facebook – to reach a broad audience
  • Instagram – to reach youth and a broad audience
  • Nextdoor – to reach people at the neighborhood level
  • Twitter – to reach activists, nonprofits and a broad audience
  • Vimeo – mostly used as a repository for videos we create ourselves
  • YouTube – to reach everyone, especially youth
We will also publish our videos on different websites:
  • – our climate action network
  • – special site for Climate Heroes
  • Partner Sites – we share all our videos with partners and sponsors
  • Guests Sites – people we interview can show our videos on their sites
Many of our videos are freely licensed under the terms or Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA-3).
Learn more about Climate Heroes

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Are you a video producer, cameraperson, director, editor, sound technician, writer, graphic designer, researcher or content expert?

Would you like to volunteer with us to create more videos?

Please email us if you would like to get out the word about climate action.  

Photos by Fabrice Florin, Ben Goode, Al Grumet, Lucy London, MCE and more.

Thanks to all our contributors!