Green Change invites you to go green and help slow climate change in your community.

Our climate action network can help you fight global warming in your own life, with the help of videos of climate heroes, local events, direct engagement and online tools.

We are a nonprofit coalition of concerned citizens, environmentalists, media professionals and community organizers committed to climate action.


We are climate activists, community organizers, digital media creators and environmentalists with years of experience in content creation, community engagement and web development.

Team leaders include multimedia innovator Fabrice Florin, Marilyn Price, Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, and Lily Cohen — along with many of our colleagues, friends and neighbors.

We started Green Change to help more people go green — and our community keeps growing: welcome to all our friends who are joining our climate action network!

Our partners and sponsors include the County of Marin, Drawdown Marin, Drive Clean Marin, Good Earth, Marin Clean Energy, OFA Marin, Resilient Neighborhoods, Sunrise Marin, Sustainable Fairfax, Sustainable Marin and many more. We aim to support our partners who are leading the fight against climate change.


Welcome to our community of change.


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Would you like to volunteer with Green Change and help more people go green?

Since we launched Green Change in 2019, we have engaged thousands of people and many of them have joined our team, to help our community fight climate change.

We’re looking for a wide range of skills: coordinators, greeters, organizers, production assistants, researchers, writers and editors — as well as experienced coaches, content experts, data analysts, graphic artists, performers, photographers, social media promoters, video creators and web developers.

Whatever your talents are, you can make a difference. We welcome your help to grow our climate action movement!

If you would like to join our team, please sign up here — or email us. We’d love to hear from you!



Photos by Fabrice Florin, Ben Goode, Al Grumet, Lucy London, MCE and more.

Thanks to all our contributors!