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A great way to fight climate change is to help young activists, who are leading the charge for climate action.

Inspired by climate hero Greta Thunberg, young activists are forming a growing political movement that is already changing the world. 

Support young activists, and help fight climate change!


Supporting young activists can:

  • Influence governments to take climate action

  • Pressure businesses to reduce their carbon footprints

  • Inspire individuals to protect future generations

  • Encourage young people to speak up

  • Empower our future leaders



Follow these simple steps to support young activists:

1. Learn about youth climate groups in your area

2. Get on the mailing list of these youth groups

3. Join their meetings and promote their work

4. Volunteer for youth climate groups who want help

5. Donate to youth climate organizations


Read about youth climate groups.


Here are some local resources to help you learn about supporting young activists.

Marin County and North Bay

East Bay

San Francisco Bay Area

This listing focuses on Marin and nearby counties at this time. More locations coming soon.


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Photo: Greta Thunberg Photo by Anders Hellberg / Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Videos: Greta Thunberg Speech at UN Climate Change Conference via Connect4Climate. San Francisco Climate Strike Highlights by Fabrice Florin

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