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Did you know that every minute, enough plastic to fill a garbage truck is dumped into our oceans?

Our throw-away culture has led to a proliferation of plastics that pollute our food, air, and drinking water. Less than 10% of the plastic ever produced is recycled. And most of the remaining plastic pollutes our oceans and landfills for hundreds of years.

Learn about simple actions you can take to reduce plastic pollution in your life and community. Protect our environment and say no to disposable plastics!


Using less plastic can help:

  • Reduce waste in our land and oceans

  • Reduce carbon emissions from plastic production

  • Encourage the use of sustainable materials

  • Keep our air, water, and food free of microplastics

  • Promote a sustainable future



Here are some actions you can take to use less plastic:

  • Refuse single-use plastics

  • Reduce your plastic footprint

  • Reuse bags, containers and utensils

  • Recycle plastics properly

  • Pledge to fight plastic pollution


Read about ways to use less plastic.


Here are some local resources to help you use less plastic.

Marin County

Bay Area


This listing focuses on Marin County, the Bay Area and California at this time.


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