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Power your home with clean energy from the sun and improve your life.

Installing solar panels on your home is an easy and affordable way to fight climate change and protect our environment.

Solar can save you money over time, as well as increase property value. And it’s a great way to become energy independent.


There are many good reasons to install solar panels in your home:

  • Produce clean energy for your home

  • Reduce your energy bills

  • Help fight climate change

  • Add value to your home

  • Build a more sustainable future



Follow these easy steps to power your home with solar panels:

1. Get a home energy checkup

2. Ask solar contractors for estimates

3. Choose a solar contractor

4. Get your solar panels installed

5. Sign up for tax credits and net metering 


Read about solar panels.


Here are some local resources to help you install solar panels in Marin and the Bay Area.

County of Marin

The Marin Solar Program can help you determine if a solar system is right for you. Evaluate your options with the County of Marin and visit their guide to finding solar contractors.

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Marin Clean Energy (MCE) offers helpful tips for going solar, as well as rebates, discounts and net metering options for MCE customers.

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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) provides helpful online resources to help you plan your solar projects, such as this handy Solar Calculator.

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Local Listings

Visit these solar contractor guides and listings:

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This listing focuses on Marin and nearby counties at this time. More locations coming soon.


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