Each month, we host a new climate action campaign to help people go green.


We help people go green through a variety of projects:

videos of climate heroes

• local events

online tools

direct engagement

We are now developing our first pilots with our partners.

We will test their impact, then scale up the best programs together.


Here are some of the community engagement programs under way at Green Change.


Green Coaches

Green Coaches is a free program that matches volunteer coaches with individuals who would like to learn about sustainable living and take action to address climate change.  [...]


We make it feel good to go green.

Our network can help you take climate action 

with practical tips and positive feedback.


Green Change projects were inspired by a research study we led in 2018 about community engagement programs for climate action. Dozens of community leaders and advisors discussed over 30 different ideas, and picked these favorite programs together:

Overall impressions from our advisor groups were favorable about this initiative in general, and about the program ideas they recommended. Based on this feedback, we started creative development for a few of the programs which showed the most promise.

Photos by Fabrice Florin, Ben Goode, Al Grumet, Lucy London, MCE and more.

Thanks to all our contributors!