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Are you ready to vote in the coming election? Have you made a plan?

This voter guide suggests simple actions you can take to plan and cast your vote: check that you are registered, request a mail-in ballot, vote early, use ballot drop boxes, and share your vote.

In times of crisis, it is important that all voters have the tools they need to successfully participate in elections. To make it easy for you, here are some of the best voter resources from our partners.


Voting can:

  • Give you a voice

  • Elect responsible leaders

  • Support sensible policies

  • Hold politicians accountable

  • Build a just and sustainable world

  • Protect our democracy



Here are some actions you can take:

  • Check that you are registered to vote

  • Sign up to vote by mail *

  • Request your ballot early *

  • Vote early

    • Mail your ballot early OR

    • Use a ballot drop box OR

    • Deliver your ballot in person

  • Vote on Election Day (if you have to)

* Not needed in states like California that automatically mail ballots to registered voters

Additional actions:

  • Learn about voter rules in your area

  • Share information in your community

  • Sign up to volunteer

  • Help people vote (see our separate guide)


Our recommended voter guides and resources for the 2020 election:

Voter Guides

News Groups

Political Action Groups


Here are some local resources to help you plan your vote.

Bay Area

Bay Area Endorsements

These trusted sources can help you evaluate candidates and measures on your ballot:

Note: These trusted sources are fact-based, independent, knowledgeable — and share our commitment to build a more just and sustainable world. Their endorsements were used to determine these personal recommendations by Fabrice Florin, shared here as an example. Green Change does not make political endorsements, but links to resources that can help our community make informed decisions. 

County Governments

Nonpartisan Resources



This page was created by members of the Green Change Network and our partners. Thanks to all our contributors!

Editors: Fabrice Florin, Bridget Mazzini, Sarah Turner

Researchers: Lily Cohen, Al Grumet, Marilyn Price

Photo: Ready Set Vote – Do Something

Video: Vote411 – League of Women Voters

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