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Did you know that many homes leak and waste energy?

You can save energy and money by sealing your doors, plugging leaks, and insulating your walls.

Weatherize your home and help fight climate change!


Weatherizing your home can help you:

  • Make your home more comfortable, with fewer drafts

  • Reduce your energy use and carbon emissions

  • Save money on your heating and cooling bills

  • Bring your home up to current standards

  • Fight climate change



Follow these steps to weatherize your home:

1. Get a home energy checkup 

2. Discuss recommended improvements

3. Seal air leaks that you can do yourself

4. Get a contractor to seal or insulate the rest

5. Enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home


Read about weatherizing your home.


Here are some local groups that can help you weatherize your home and/or finance improvements.

Marin County

Bay Area & California


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