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Did you know that sensible driving and proper vehicle maintenance can save you money, improve safety and reduce air pollution? 

You can reduce your cost at the pump, and your carbon footprint, by observing the speed limit, maintaining your tire pressure, avoiding idling, and removing excess weight from your trunk and roof rack.


Driving smart can help you:

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions

  • Improve safety



Follow these easy steps to drive smarter:

1. Don’t speed

2. Go easy on the brakes

3. Don’t idle

4. Use cruise control

5. Inflate your tires to the right pressure

6. Perform regular tune-ups and oil changes

7. Remove weight from the trunk

8. Minimize use of your roof rack


Read more about driving smart.


Transportation is the largest source of emissions by Bay Area households. Here are some local resources that can help you drive smart in Marin and the Bay Area.

Bay Area

Marin & North Bay


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