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Take the bus, train or ferry whenever you can.

Public transit reduces pollution and traffic congestions — and can save you time and money. It also gives mobility to those who cannot drive.

As more transit fleets switch over to cleaner vehicles, public transportation is becoming even more sustainable.


Taking the bus, train, or other public transit can help you:

  • Reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions

  • Avoid traffic congestion and reduce stress

  • Save money on gas and parking fees

  • Stay healthy by walking to and from bus and train stops

  • You can do your work, read, relax while others drive


Enjoy this animated GIF of I-Sustain’s Commuter Toolkit.


Follow these easy steps to use public transit:

1. Learn about your public transit routes

2. Plan your trips ahead of time

3. Get a public transit pass or card

4. Apply for discounts if you qualify

5. Try using public transit for regular trips


Read about public transit.


Here are some local resources about public transit in our area.

Bay Area & Beyond

Marin & North Bay

Other Bay Area Counties

This listing focuses on Marin and nearby counties at this time. More locations coming soon.


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