Project Description

Compost your food 

By Bridget Mazzini

With a little effort, we have become avid composters. Our backyard compost and worm farm get most of our food scraps. Some food waste that we used to throw in the garbage, now goes to our curbside compost; chicken bones, nutshells, salmon bones and skin, napkins, and mixed food scraps. We keep two small compost bins in the house (one for the backyard and worms, one for curbside compost) which makes sticking to our plan, easy to do. 

Composting has reduced our garbage and recycling. Many of the things we used to recycle, like takeout pizza boxes, can now be composted. Read your local refuse guidelines to learn what items can be safely composted.

When we get it right, we have “dry garbage.” A single paper grocery bag holds our garbage for 1-2 weeks.

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