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Did you know that conserving water and energy can save you money, grow a green economy and protect our environment?

To learn more, watch the video of our Green Economy Meetup, a Zoom event hosted by Green Change on Monday, July 12, 2021.

Read the resources below to find out how households and businesses can reap the rewards of efficiency projects while generating good jobs.

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Featured Resources

  • Meetup Slidesview all the speaker presentations on Google Slides.

Meet our Speakers

Tom Flynn – Team Lead, Green Change, TSF Group 

Tom gave an introduction to the inter-related economic and environmental benefits of reducing water use to both adapt to and mitigate climate change. He discussed the importance of conservation to avoid the high costs of other potential options such as desalination or pipelines.  
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Read his op-ed for the Marin IJ. Watch his music video. Visit his TSF Group site. Email him:

Anthony Kinslow – CEO, Gemini Energy Solutions

Anthony told us why we need workforce development to meet our climate goals — and why diversity is critical to implement clean energy projects and effectively fight climate change. When combined with recruitment and training efforts led by local community-based organizations, these projects can generate more green jobs for disadvantaged youth.
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit his site. Email him.

Alice Havenar-Daughton – Director of Customer Programs, MCE

Alice spoke about the many ways we can save energy and water in homes and businesses. She reviewed some of MCE’s programs for helping customers save money by conserving energy and water — whether they are residential households, or commercial, industrial, and municipal groups. 
Watch the video of her talk. View her slides. Learn about their customer programs. Visit their site. Email MCE

Lindsay Saxby – Manager of Power Resources, MCE

Lindsay talked about the duck curve and why we all need to shift water and energy use to off-peak hours. This saves money for consumers and businesses, and also reduces the use of dirty energy during peak hours, and helps water districts avoid peak-hour electricity rates for pumping water.
Watch the video of her talk. View her slides. Visit their site. Learn about the duck curve. Opt-up for 100% Renewable Energy. Email MCE.

Carrie Pollard, Water Efficiency Manager, Marin Water (MMWD)

Carrie told us about the historic drought we’re facing, and why water conservation is essential. She described some of Marin Water’s programs and incentives, such as free guidance, cash for grass, rebates for smart irrigation controllers, high-efficiency clothes washers, greywater systems, and more.
Watch her video. View her slides. Check their water-saving rebates. Learn about water restrictions. Visit their site. Email Marin Water.
(Marin Water Board President Cynthia Koehler had planned to speak with Carrie, but couldn’t join us.)

Sid Pelston – Managing Director, The LED Partnership

Sid discussed how businesses can cut their energy costs by ​​using LEDs for large and small buildings. He told us how he has guided customers to reduce their lighting costs by 50% or more, with no cash outlay and with utility and manufacturer incentives, for a compelling economic benefit.
Watch the video of his talk. View his slides. Visit their site. Email him.

Watch the Music Video

“Our Economy’s Got to Stop Smoking,” sings our friend and Green Change partner Tom Flynn in this cool music video, which compares our addiction to fossil fuels to cigarette smoking. We premiered this video at our Green Economy Meetup in July 2021.

Tom composed the song and created this video with Lily Cohen to encourage us all to “kick the habit for the sake of our children … and create real long-term wealth.”

Please share this video far and wide!

To learn more about actions you can take to stop the economy from smoking, visit

Thanks to our Team and Partners

This community event was hosted by Green Change team leads Tom Flynn, Al Grumet, and Fabrice Florin, with the support of our world-class team: Lily Cohen, Bridget Mazzini, Kevin Morrison, Marilyn Price, Sarah Turner, and other community members.  

Thanks to our whole team for organizing our Green Economy campaign — which includes this meetup, as well as the creation of guides, green tips, videos, website, and social media! If you have any questions or comments for the team, please email us.

Many thanks as well to all our partners featured below for making our work possible. We are grateful for your gracious support and look forward to more collaborations this year.