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Did you know that switching to LEDs can reduce the electricity you use for lights by up to 90%?

Replacing traditional lights with LEDs is an easy way to save money and the planet, in your own home or workplace. 

Switch to LEDs today, and help fight climate change! 


Switching to LED lights can help you:

  • Save money on your lights

  • Reduce your electric bill

  • Save energy and lower carbon emissions

  • Get lights that last longer



Follow these easy steps to switch to LEDs:

  1. Check which of your lights can be replaced with LEDs

  2. Find replacement LEDs that are Energy Star rated

  3. Consider getting our discounted LEDs 

  4. Buy the LED lights you need

  5. Install your LED lights

  6. Take old lights to your hazardous waste facility

  7. Enjoy your low-cost, high-quality LEDs!


Read about transitioning to LEDs.


Marin County

Marin Household Hazardous Waste

If you replace old lights like CFLs, they must be taken to your local hazardous waste facility since they have mercury content.

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The Greater Bay Area

Rising Sun’s Green House Call

Get free LEDs and energy efficiency tips for your home, by appointment only. 

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BayRen offers a free online home energy evaluation, as well as approved contractors for more thorough assessments in your home. Check out their energy savings kit, which includes free LEDs! 

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This listing focuses on Marin and nearby counties at this time. More locations coming soon.


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