Project Description

May 18th, 2020

Learn about the fine humanitarian programs our speakers work with, and the many ways we can donate, volunteer, shop locally and provide relief to those who need it in our area. 

Here are a few highlights from our meetup, which we invite you to share with your community.

Watch the Video

Meet Our Speakers

Erin Schrode, Conscious Kitchen

Erin spoke about her activism and Turning Green, the organization she co-founded with her mother to cultivate a healthy, just, and thriving planet through education and advocacy. Since the pandemic started, they have served tens of thousands of free healthy meals to students, seniors, and other vulnerable people in Marin. 
Watch Erin Schrode’s video and slides. Donate or volunteer to support their work. Email her to get their “buy one, give one” farm box, for weekly pickup in Marin. For each farm box you buy, they give a free box of food to a family in need.

Krystal Sandza, Canal Alliance

Krystal told us about how the Canal Alliance works to break the generational cycle of poverty for Latino immigrants and their families by lifting barriers to their success. Since the pandemic started, they have established a Client Support Fund to provide direct cash assistance to individuals and families who have experienced a job loss or loss of wages in Marin. 
Watch Krystal Sandza’s video and slides. Donate to help hardworking and vulnerable immigrants put food on the table, pay for rent and utilities, and cover other urgent expenses through their Client Support Fund.

Stephanie Hellman, Fairfax Town Council

Fairfax Councilmember Stephanie spoke about how their town established a 1 to 1 Volunteer Matching Program to support and protect people in need during this difficult time. As shown in this video news story, dedicated volunteers help neighbors feel less nervous and alone during this time, by checking in regularly and supporting them through this crisis. 
Watch Stephanie Hellman’s video and slides. If you would like to volunteer for their program or you need some support, sign up here to help get food picked up, prescriptions filled and other essential services provided. 

Thanks to our Team

Kudos as well to Green Change team members who helped host this event, including director Fabrice Florin, Tom Flynn, Al Grumet and Marilyn Price, to name but a few.

And many thanks to all the community volunteers who helped plan this campaign in a previous Zoom call — see video of our group discussion. Last but not least, special thanks to Good Earth for sponsoring our community engagement work!